ANNA ALEXANDER (Charter Member)

Anna loves romance novels. Shape-shifting, paranormal, special ops, cowboys, warriors; she's all for the alpha male. The grittier the better. She also loves  Scotland. Put on the bagpipes, a pot of tea and some treacle toffee and she's there.



HANNA RHYS BARNES (Founding Member)

I’m one of those people with an evenly balanced right and left brain. I have a BA in English, but I just finished my final year as a high school math teacher. Yes, I said math teacher. I am continuing to teach math at the college level (at least most of the college students want to be in class).

 I love to cook, both gourmet and clean, and was a pastry chef in a former life. I am a practicing Wiccan with a smidge of Buddhist tossed in. I practice and teach Yoga.

 I love everything Japanese and hope to take an extended trip there in the next few years. My house is done in Japanese style and every year along with the Forth of July, we celebrate the Japanese summer festival.

 I am also an avid Renaissance Faire player and belong to a guild, the Brotherhood of the Bottle. I started writing fiction because of adventures that occurred at Renn Faire.

 I currently work in Portland, OR and visit my husband Ross and our five cats, Oto, Koto, Momo, Kuze, and Newton who live on our retirement ranchette (15 acres) outside of Kingman, AZ (about two hours south of Las Vegas).



NAOMI BALTUCK (Charter Member)

 Naomi is a professional storyteller and past president of the Seattle Storytellers Guild. She is the author of "Apples From Heaven: Multicultural Folk Tales About Stories and Storytellers" and other non-fiction books about storytelling. She is the co-author of "The Keeper of the Crystal Spring," a historical novel, and is currently writing contemporary women's fiction.

 Naomi loves costume parties, grazing on raspberries in her garden, travel adventures to research settings for future novels, and the fact that her two kids have grown up to be storytellers and writers too.


     MARCELLA BURNARD (Charter Member) 

 I blame my father for my love of science fiction and fantasy. We watched many a late night science fiction movie together. I was five. By the time I was six, I was having raging nightmares inspired by The Omega Man, The Fly, and The Incredible Shrinking Man. The sum result seems to have been that I wouldn't walk into a dark room until well after I'd turned ten.

 Growing up an Air Force brat, I moved often and traveled all over the US. We spent two years in Iceland, watching blue whales migrate, volcanoes erupt and geysers spew steaming, superheated water into the cold air. The whole family did plenty of reading. When the tiny base library ran out of interesting books in the kids' section, and wouldn't allow me in the adult section yet, I began writing my own stories.

 My family finally settled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Western Washington. I graduated with a BFA in acting from Cornish College of the Arts in 1990 and promptly went to work for a large software company.

 I live with my husband and our cats aboard a sailboat on Puget Sound.




Marie Tuhart is a multi-published erotic romance writer with The Wild Rose Press. When she isn't reading or writing, Marie loves to spend time in bookstores. A world traveler, she enjoys searching out corners of the globe she hasn't experienced yet. While still totally open to finding her own tall, dark and handsome, she is certainly enjoying the journey.  Marie is an Pacific Northwest transplant moving from Northern California to Washington State to be closer to family.



DONNA DODSON (Founding Member)

Donna is a kindergarten teacher in Centralia and designs her own jewelry. Donna writes romance with a healthy dose of suspense.



TERREL HOFFMAN (Founding Member)

Author, teacher & Life Coach




 Kathy writes YA, as well as other things.

 She is a stay-at-home mom with two sons and a husband who is also a writer. She's been writing off and on for years as a hobby. Now that her boys are older, she has decided to hone her skills and pursue writing as a career.

She is currently working on a fantasy YA novel.



Antonia Cyn edit 2-1.jpg - 2.30 MB   ANTONIA CYN (Charter Member) 

 Antonia Cyn lives in the Pacific Northwest with her supportive husband, two sons, and menagerie of pets that show up in her stories.

 While writing, she enjoys combining her love of history, and a twist of humor into the lives of her characters. Antonia wrote her first story at age eleven. She continues to write in historical romance, and paranormal romance genres



 LINDA HOPE LEE (Founding Member) 

 I attended the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington where I received a BA in English and Education. Post graduate school led to a Master of Library Science Degree from the University of Washington. I've been a classroom teacher and a school librarian.

When I decided to pursue writing, I began with short stories. After selling to the confession market, I decided to attempt a novel. The result was a romantic suspense, Home for the Heart.  Other publications include critical essays on writers, various articles on writing, and scripts for educational filmstrips and audio cassettes.

I'm a member of the Seattle Chapter, the Evergreen Chapter, and the Faith, Hope, and Love Chapter of Romance Writers of America, and EPIC, and have been a conference speaker and workshop leader.

As an artist, I enjoy working in a variety of media, especially watercolor, colored pencil, and pen and ink. My other spare time pursuits include photography, collecting children’s books, and anything to do with wire-haired fox terriers.

I established the Edmonds Writing School, where I taught classes in fiction and nonfiction writing and a special class in romance writing. Teaching the latter led to the publication of the award-winning How to Write and Sell Romance Novels.



LORI LYN (Founding Member) 

Lori is thrilled to have her first historical romance, THE ARCHERY CONTEST, available now via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Apple. Her next release in the stand-alone series, THE COUNTRY BUTLER, will be available in the Fall of 2014.

Lori lives in the Pacific Northwest and is shacked up with the Captain and the Dawg.




 Shannon Kennedy lives and works at her family business, Horse Country Farm, just outside of Granite Falls in Washington State. Teaching kids to ride and know about horses since 1967, she finds in many cases, she's taught three generations of families. Her life experiences span adventures from dealing cards in a casino, attending graduate school to get her Masters in Teaching degree, being a substitute teacher, and serving in the Army Reserve - all leading to her second career as an award-winning, published author.

She writes mainstream western romance as Josie Malone and young adult fiction as Shannon Kennedy. She currently has thirteen books under contract, twelve in print and one that will be released this year. Visit her at her websites, and to learn about her books.



LAUREN MARIE (Charter Member)

 Lauren Marie lives with her four cats in Western Washington State. She is the author of Love’s Embers - book 1 of the Canon City Series, One Touch at Cob’s Bar and Grill - story 3 of the Montana Ranch Series, Love’s Touch - Then and Now, Going to Another Place and The Men of Haller Lake - Trilogy. 

 Book 2 of the Canon City Series - Love on Ice - will be released spring of 2015. She also has several other projects in works at present.  

 When she isn't pounding the keys, she is an amateur paranormal investigator. She formed her own group in 2006 to hunt ghosts and some unusual experiences have put in an appearance in some of her stories.



ERIN McCAULEY (Founding Member)

  Erin McCauley was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, but as a military wife was able to experience the beauty of Alaska, the tundra of Iceland, and the warmth of North Carolina and California. In the years that followed, she worked as a Bank Officer, and a Regional Sales Manager for a local winery, before settling down to work towards her dream of being an author.

 An active soccer mom, she still tries to find time for fun on the water, a weekend getaway to scrapbook with her aunts, barbeques with her friends, the occasional poker game, or reading a great book.

 Erin currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with children and active teenager, and her dedicated writing partner Maxx, a three pound Yorkie, who never leaves her side. Her books, THE CONFESSION, THE TRUTH, and THE BETRAYAL are available now.



CLARE McKAY (Charter Member)

 Clare writes contemporary and paranormal romance and fantasy. She likes to tuck in her supernatural elements alongside the unsuspecting everyday world of cowboys, ranchers, small town sheriffs and big city detectives. "I like the idea that there are other worlds and magickal creatures living right alongside us, rarely glimpsed until some happening brings them into our lives and changes everything."

 She's lived in the Pacific Northwest for over twenty years with her husband and now-adult children and grand-kids, but she still considers herself a Texan at heart.



KAREN MUIR (Founding Member)

 A sense of humor was a must when I taught elementary grades and Head Start, and I’ve always loved books and movies that make me laugh. Presently, I’m working on my Fish Out of Water series, which deals with women thrust outside their comfort zones.

 An English Lit major at the University of Washington, I now read mostly genre novels. Mysteries, historicals and contemporary romances are my favorites.

 The two book groups I’ve belonged to for many years have given me great feedback and critiquing skills. I’ve won several writing contests, including the Golden Heart. A current goal is to venture out of my cozy lurking cave into the world of social media.




  Debra is a native mid-westerner but has lived in the Seattle area for about ten years. Her interests, besides writing, include sewing, quilting and traveling. She has also recently been successful in convincing hummingbirds to frequent her backyard feeders.

 Debra has a degree in Journalism and is currently a stay-at-home mom and frustrated writer. Now that her three children have emerged as young adults, she is returning to a more disciplined pursuit of writing and publishing. She lives with her husband, middle daughter and two cairn terriers.




JACQUIE ROGERS (Founding Member)

  Jacquie Rogers is a former software designer, campaign manager, deli clerk, and cow milker. Her 2007 release, Faery Special Romances, won the Fall NOR Award for Best Print Sci-fi/Fantasy Romance and finaled several other contests. She also has stories in two other print anthologies--soon to be e-published as well. Her current print release is a short contemporary novel, Down Home Ever Lovin' Mule Blues, which has received several top picks and 5-star reviews.  

She teaches several workshops both online and in person, and is co-creator of 1st Turning Point, a website where authors come to teach, learn, and share--all about promotion and marketing. 

 Jacquie has donated all royalties from Faery Special Romances to The Children's Tumor Foundation, ending neurofibromatosis through research.






MARION SPICHER (Founding Member)

 My husband and I live on 5 acres in NW Washington State, not far from the Canadian Border and Puget Sound. We have three daughters and grandchildren all living in distant places in the US.

I am unpublished, have completed two manuscripts, and am working on the third.

 My passion for writing is honed and fed through attendance at workshops, writer’s conferences, on-line classes, Community College classes, how-to books—and through the  support and camaraderie of memberships and meetings in writer’s associations, WWP, RWA, PNWA, WIWA, CHRW, ERWA and GSRWA, and Celtic Hearts.



SHELLI STEVENS (Founding Member) 

Shelli is a New York Times Bestselling Author who read her first romance novel when she snatched it off her mother’s bookshelf at the age of eleven. One taste and she was forever hooked. It wasn’t until many years later that she decided to pursue writing stories of her own. By then she acknowledged the voices in her head didn’t make her crazy, they made her a writer. 

Shelli currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with her daughter where she writes various genres of romance. She’s a compulsive volunteer, and has been known to spontaneously burst into song.



MARIANNE STRNAD (Founding Member)

  I'm a medical technologist who works in a chemistry lab in a VA hospital in the Pacific Northwest. I am beginning to write my first novel, a young adult paranormal novel set in a medical laboratory. I'm a member of RWA-the Romance Writers of America, and am a member of my local chapter GSRWA as well as Eastside RWA and the newest of the bunch, Evergreen RWA of which I serve as secretary. I'm also a member of Heartbeat RWA, the chapter for medical romance.

My goal is to write a great story about an idea that came to me at work, and to hopefully increase interest in my field whose numbers are quickly dwindling. Heck-even Bill Gates needs to have his bloodwork done on occasion! 

YA Paranormal Author also blogs as one of the "Mariannes Of Romance" at All Day All Night Romance Divas.



GAYLE ANN WILLIAMS (Founding Member)

 Gayle Ann Williams lives a life of contrasts. For example, she lives on a small island off the coast of Washington in the amazing, beautiful, wet, Pacific Northwest. Accessible only by boat or air, the scenic island doesn’t have a stoplight. Not one. She also spends months at a time in her favorite city, Las Vegas, Nevada, where the metropolitan area exceeds a population of two million. Here she can be found pursuing her second love after writing, playing poker. Whereas the desert offers a unique beauty, Gayle often feels, due to the landscape, she is on the moon when she is in Las Vegas. On a very fun moon to be sure. Oh. And if you see her driving in Las Vegas, you might want to get out of her way. She’s not used to stoplights, remember?

Growing up in a small, cowboy town in Eastern Washington, Gayle, after numerous visits to Seattle during her college years, fell in love with the ocean. Trading her spurs for a sea kayak, she left her Rodeo Queen roots behind (yes, she really was a Rodeo Queen) and moved to the “rainy” country. For a time she lived on a sailboat and to this day she thinks sailing throughout the San Juan Islands and the Canadian Gulf Islands as one of the best experiences of her life.

 Gayle loves espresso, the ocean, espresso, fishing, espresso, reading, espresso, writing, espresso, her friends and family, and well, of course poker. And, she did say espresso, right?

Gayle thanks you for visiting her website and hopes you come back soon. Now she’s off to find, you guessed it, a cup of espresso.



 I am a long-time resident of the Pacific Northwest (with a 3 year hiatus to live in The Netherlands), and spent 20 years working in the high-tech industry. Technical documentation is part of the daily grind, so when elements of romance, intrigue, lust, mystery and supernatural occurrences started finding their way into system maintenance manuals, I knew it was time to rethink my career choice.

I adore a good story with brooding heroes and strong heroines. My current manuscript is a gothic thriller, with liberal use of strong, romantic elements.




I live on Camano Island with my elderly Mom and 10 cats (give or take). I’m a bit of a jack of all trades, (Gemini). My interests at the moment are writing and growing Saffron.



 I write paranormal, fantasy, urban fantasy, and steampunk -- basically anything that catches my fancy. I adore books to a fantastic degree, along with chocolate.




I like to draw, write fan fiction, and make movies.




 Greg is a software engineer for an educational start-up in Seattle, but thinks he might like to also be a writer…or an architect, or a massage therapist. Writing is the only one of these that doesn't strictly require further education. He lives with his wife in Bremerton and enjoys reading or writing on the long ferry rides.



KATHY PACE BROWN (Founding Member)